Welcome to Fiber Relics!

Fiber Relics is a Colorado handmade crafter that creates adorable receiving blankets, quilted blankets, and quirky home accessories.

Where did the name Fiber Relics come from?

I truly want these quilts and blankets to be loved on and used until there is nothing but a fiber relic left. 

So who is Fiber Relics?

Meet Dena!

I am a creative weirdo who loves to make things and is constantly starting new craft projects. There is a meme floating around about a brain that has 98 tabs open and that about sums up my creative energy!

I began sewing with my grandmas when I was very young and never stopped. I cannot imagine the number of hours I spent pulling out seams and learning how to work with seemingly ancient sewing machines. This lead to some interesting stuffed animals that I made out of scraps and some rather "whimsical" repurposed clothing items. Starting a business of sewing and creating was the natural progression of things (I can only make and keep so many blankets and pillows before people start questioning, teehee).

One of my favorite things is wandering around the fabric store staring at all the pretty fabrics and visualizing all of the amazing things to create with them. Then, I often have to reign back in my big ideas, before realizing that there are logistics to be considered and that I am not actually Super Woman. I dream big and look forward to exciting new things happening in Fiber Relic's future.

I am also the mom to an amazing little boy who is just like me in some pretty awkward and hilarious ways. He challenges me every day to be a better person and to show him what can happen if you dream big and work hard.